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Status: Closed

Patrons get first dibs on commissions!
They usually open up at the start of the month, and I'll announce when they open up over on my patreon.
If there are any slots left over, I'll announce them over on twitter

You can send me your requests either through discord, a patreon message, or my email [email protected]



I DO NOT DO ANIMATED COMMISSIONS. They take too long, sorry x_x

Payment is done upfront via Paypal only

Please provide a simple written description of what you would like me to draw, including which tier you want your commission to be (Lineart, Flats, or Shaded/cel-shaded).

Please provide visual references to the characters you wish for me to draw

Pose references are helpful if possible, but not required

Please provide the name you go by over on Patreon so that I can verify that you're patron and which discount you qualify for

I won't draw things like watersports, scat, super complicated designs (Mechs, sparkledogs,etc) gore, rape, loli/shota or anything else that makes me uncomfortable. If you're unsure, feel free to ask

My OCs aren’t strictly off limits for your commission, but know that there’s little chance of me drawing them acting out of character or sexing up one of your OCs. Sorry about that

You can print, edit, and use the drawing for personal use, but you are not allowed to use it to make profit, remove my signature, or claim the work as your own

Comic commissions are not off limits, but if a piece is too complicated/would take too long, I probably won't pick it.
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