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Hey-Hey Toon-A-Thons!

I am a person who goes by many names. My name is Jean-Luc, but in my work, I am known more colloquially as "Mr. Toontastic." I am a man with a vivid imagination and a rigid work ethic. I like to spend my free time creating artwork inspired by an undying love for cartoons. While generally seen as a cartoonist, I see myself more as an Ambitious Creative.

I have a collection of comics and novels combined under a collective title known as, "Jean-Luc & Friends." My goal is to take this collection and use it pay homage to the inspirational works of the past. Through a series of books, comic strips, I plan to grow an expand into my own studio, as well as expand my creativity to the world!

Join me, and we can make a method to the madness together! Stay Tooned!

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From United States
Language English
Birthday 01/06/1997
Discord Mr. Toontastic#7721