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Why should I support you

Since this is my full-time job and I work on my own, I need your support to grow the community and make Nushara a success. With your help we can get even more creators on board.

Gaining Supporter Status

Being a supporter is unlocking the above mentioned features like exclusive Buddies, help with energy gain and making your profile look unique while also supporting the project.

How long will it take to unlock my benefits

We unlock your benefits right after we have received the payment approval from PayPal. This normally happens right after your subscription completion but in some cases it can also take a little longer.

How can I cancel my PayPal subscription

You are able to manage your subscriptions right at your PayPal's settings. We can not offer any type of management of your account for security reasons.

Which payment providers are supported

Currently we only offer PayPal, which is known to be safe and well accepted in the industry. But we will try to offer a wider variety of payment providers in the future.

Your support is highly appreciated

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