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Support the project and help its growth by becoming PREMIUM.
You will unlock the following benefits to make your profile look unique.
Unlock the following benefits

Unlock a special badge to be displayed next to your avatar.

Pick your own background images for your profile and link page

Hide the donation goal for you and your profile visitors

Stand above the crowd by using a GIF animated cover

Let you unlock exclusive buddys.

Contributors get the chance to become featured on our main page

Your daily energy will sum up even if you not pick it up, so you will never lose one for not getting it in time

Show your donate button at your profile with custom URL, color and text
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a contributor ?

You become a contributor if you supported our development with a subscription. Subscribung will automatically assign you the contributor status and unlocks all premium features.

How long will it take till my contributor status becomes active ?

We assign your benefits right after we have received the payment approval from PayPal.

How can I cancle my subscription ?

You are able to manage your subscriptions right at your PayPal's settings. We can not offer any type of management of your account.

Will my border last after my contribution period runs out ?

Also yes, your contributor boarder will persist even after your premium membership ends.

Which payment providers are supported ?

Currently we only offer PayPal, which is known to be safe and well accepted in the industry.

What is energy used for ?

You can use your energy to hatch your buddy, increase its EXP and compete in buddy battles. But there are many more plans how how we intend to use it in the future.