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I´m from Venezuela, I am 20 years old. I´m an artist that want be a mangaka. My art is focus in the furry and manga with shounen style than realism.


I won the 2nd place in the Art contest in the 2015 in the Expogamefest 2015.
In 2018 I was contrated for the artist Kazecat for make a poster promotional of the character Zafta.
I gave a conference in the Unimet about "La Relación del Manga y el Anime con la Literatura"
I collaborated with a comic made by Omar Cruz called "Los Venecedores" having my character Areva in the Comic.
My pictures got value in Japan to 100yenes


Post my work in the Weekly Shounen Jump.
Work in videogames empress like Nintendo, Animation Studios for make short and long footage.
Be a designer and Illustrator for the creations of Videogames, Animations, Manga and Light novels.


Show the world that the latins can as well create great works for the Humanity Culture, Literature, Animation and Ilustration based in our creativity.
From Venezuela
Language Spanish, English
Pronouns He / Him
Birthday 03/25/2000