Greetings! I am a NSFW Digital Artist from Alaska who may or may not be into boobs n' butts.






Why Patreon?
I made a Patreon because it's the only way I know to get some support that can help me to pay for my future school, I'm going to be honest with you, I will spend my earnings only for my future school and any rewards for you. I want to become an animator as that's my dream and probably always will be.I create animations and pictures in Blender, these feature some of the most popular characters in gaming and film. I moved from Source Filmmaker to Blender around 3 years ago and i'm onset to becoming a better animator.Why pledge though?By supporting me you are helping me to improve my content and share it to more people. Each tier has different bonuses, but every higher tier has all lower tier's bonuses. I post every single month, whether it be Animations with sound or pictures that are of high quality.
Account Type Artist
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From Alaska, USA
Language English
Pronouns He / Him
Birthday 03/06/1998
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