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Hi! I'm Kitteh, an artist from the UK ♥

I'm an easy going person with a good sense of humour; I always try to be myself even when doing business! I keep professional enough that I'm easy to work with, but am always light hearted most of the time ^^

My commission work is my main source of income at the moment and I hope to make a full time job doing what I enjoy! I really enjoy working with fantasy themes and often work with furry and anthro characters as my specialty. I do really enjoy drawing humans, fantasy races, monsters, and other things too though!

If I have one thing that I enjoy working with the most, it would be shiny things and glow! That's technically two things, but I like anything that's shiny, sparkles, or catches my eye with a shimmer~ ♥

Account Type Artist
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From UK
Language English
Pronouns She / Her
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