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I care a lot about freedom of expression in art, especially indie art. From your fluffiest narrative, to your darkest fantasy, and every shade of gray in between - it has a place to exist, and no one has the right to snuff out what brings you joy.

All fiction is lovely fiction to someone; no matter how repugnant you may find it.


My name is Namiin Stone, and I live in fantasy worlds full of strife and grief - but they are worlds overfull with love and longing, too. A tender ache in the space where darkness and desire coalesce into the surreal and taboo.

I am an adult artist and author with a singular story that I want to tell, time and again: a father and his daughter caught in a romance fraught with tension, with desire, with an inescapable - and sometimes supernatural - need to be together. Proclaiming mutual, irrevocable, burning love that extends far beyond the bounds of family.

I choose to be so brutally honest about what heals me, to be so terribly vulnerable about what brings me joy, and to be so viscerally open about what breeds base carnality in me. You choose whether or not you want to see what I have on offer. That choice is not my responsibility.

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