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Am boring.


I’m a pushing 40, currently stay-at-home-parent of one smol human and a doggo. I never left my “horsey” phase and have channeled this into weird furry art. I’m perpetually exhausted, thanks to some bullshit called fibromyalgia and I manage to make people think I’m a heck of a lot younger I am, because I once spent way, WAY too much time on Tumblr.


It’s literally “I said ‘yeet’ once as a joke, now I can’t stop saying it.”


I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and writing almost as long. I think drawing humans is boring, so I don’t draw them anymore. 😀 And that’s all.


… No, seriously, that’s about it.


Oh. Right.


Snow = Novel Character

Sno = Me. The asshat behind the keyboard.


I have a whole talk about this, but I can’t find it rn so you get that. *shrug emoji*
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